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Any candidate applying for an animal-related position must have the ability to work with and around animals, and/or the ability to control any animal allergies with medication. If medication is needed, Priority One Services will require a physician's note indicating that you are able to perform essential job functions, which may include working with and around animals safely.

The ability to lift 50 pounds and the disclosure of household pets may be required for certain positions. A clear background check must be obtainable. The ability to successfully complete and pass contract specific required medical physicals and testing. Employment candidates will not be considered “employees” of the company until all medical and physical demand requirements of specific contracts are returned with medical clearances and successful passing of all test results are returned and reviewed.

Physical demands include, but are not limited too; stooping climbing, reaching, standing for prolonged periods, pushing carts that could be more than 30 Lbs, lifting. All candidates must have the ability to read, speak and understand English.

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Priority One Services strives to build and maintain a team of individuals who provide outstanding support to our clients.

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Priority One Services provides a variety of animal support services to a growing list of government and commercial organizations in the life sciences and transportation industries.

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