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VRC –NIDCR-Bldg. 30
Position: Cage Wash Technician I Requirements:
The requirements for this position are the employee must have a high school diploma or GED and will be highly encouraged to take the AALAS ALAT exam. Employee shall be able to perform all cage wash duties in a high temperature, humid and noisy environment. Employee must be able to lift 50 lbs. and complete the required Occupational Health screening for this position. All employees are considered essential and must report to work in inclement weather and may be required to stay on site in the event of an emergency.  Rotating weekend and holiday duty may be required and will be scheduled accordingly in the event of unforeseen situations or emergencies.
Description: Under the direction of the Project Managers the Cage Wash Technician I (CWT I) will be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the NIDCR VRC equipment and facility. Maintaining room records, logs and supporting documents for all cage wash duties performed will be required. Duties: Responsible for all cagewash duties, including but not limited to:
Cage Wash Responsibilities
1.       Cleaning, sanitation and/or sterilization of all cages, racks, caging accessories, equipment, and cage wash area.
2.       Collection of samples for microbiological monitoring of cages, racks, caging accessories, feed, bedding, autoclave and cage wash area; as required per VRC SOPs.
3.       Dumping and proper disposal of animal waste. 
4.       Operation of tunnel washers, rack washers, autoclaves, bottle fillers, Hydropac pouch system, bedding dispensers, waste disposal system, and other sanitation equipment.
5.       Routine cleaning and basic preventive maintenance on the cage wash machines, water bottle filler, three sided racks, flat beds, hand trucks, dollies and carts.
6.       Preparation of cages with clean bedding, absorbents or filters.
7.       Assessment of individual cage, feeder, water bottle and filter top condition; separating and reporting cracked and clouded cages to government staff and changing cage top filter material when they require replacement. 8.       Autoclaving of MPW waste, feed, bedding, cages and water.
9.       Transporting dirty cages/racks from the floors and providing clean cages/racks to the animal holding rooms.
10.   Documentation of pH levels, washer temperatures, sanitation procedures and autoclave cycles.
11.    Maintaining, inventory and stocking of food/bedding and supplies in addition to notifying management for reorder points.
12.   Sanitation of clean and dirty side cage wash and other areas as assigned, including daily stocking of PPE in the main entry, removal of trash in the main entry and the vivarium and placing MPW boxes on the loading dock prior to pick up.
13.   Perform on task/duties in compliance with NIDCR/VRC polices, SOP’s, regulations and safety/security procedures.
14.   Assist, once trained, with animal observations and husbandry duties as requested.  

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Bethesda, MD

Priority One Services
Priority One Services