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Job Description

Position:           Research Assistant I/ Administrative
Description:      Under the direction of the Supervisor, Facility Veterinarian and Facility Manager the Lab Animal Research Assistant will be responsible for all activities required for the proper health care and maintenance of FDA/CBER animals and facilities.
Requirements:  A four year college degree in the biological or life sciences field or CVT or RVT is preferred and a minimum certification level of Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT) at time of employment. Candidate must have a high school diploma and shall be knowledgeable of and able to perform all Lab Animal Technician (Technical) duties and guide other Small Animal Health Technicians. Candidate should have 3 years experience in a laboratory animal facility. Candidate must be able to lift 50 lbs. All employees are considered essential and must report to work even in inclement weather. Weekend and holiday duty is required and will be scheduled accordingly.

  • Providing animal health care and environmental enrichment services, including but not limited to: handling and restraint of animals, environmental parameters as required, assessing the presence of vermin and effectiveness of control efforts, performing animal health checks, assisting in the local delivery/transport of animals.
  • Provide direct support with government client on a monthly basis in reconciling credit card statements.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Able to become proficient with programs such as Filemaker Pro, Citrix, Sharepoint, and Animal Breeding databases.
  • Assist with database management of breeding colony inventory
  • Perform technical procedures and treatments as requested by lab or facility veterinarian for various small animal species
  • Proficiency in the following procedures:
  • IP, IV, IM, IC, SQ,
  • Blood withdrawals: Submandibular plexus, tail vein, orbital sinus, cardiac puncture, Auricular artery–rabbit,
  • Vena cava–GP, ferret
  • Mouse tail tattooing, ear tag, tail snip biopsy, ear biopsy
  • Idexx testing and DVR submission for quarantine animals for rederivation
  • Perform animal caretaker responsibilities to provide support in a quarantined section of facility and other rooms as needed
  • Experience working in ABSL2 facilities husbandry, collecting raw data, clinical observations, administering body weights, animal restraint, record keeping, dosing, and processing data utilizing “Good Laboratory Practices”
  • Perform prescribed treatments on animals
  • Restrain, handle, and manipulate various species
  • Perform procedures requiring various levels of biohazard containment.
  • Report any abnormal conditions of the animal facility or immediate vicinity to supervisory staff.
  • Perform or assist investigators in the performance of technical procedures, these include but are not limited too immunizations, bleeding of experimental animals, weaning, mating, re-derive animals, fecal collection and grooming of various species.
  • Prepare and submit required written records, charts, logs, and inventories in a timely manor.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
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Silver Spring, MD

Priority One Services
Priority One Services