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Job Description

JOB TITLE:                  Veterinary Technician Job Description
Under the direction of the Technical Supervisor, Sr. Veterinary Technician and Facility Veterinarian, the Veterinary Technician shall primarily be responsible for daily health case rounds, preliminary health exams of sick animals prior to reporting to the Facility Veterinarian and assistance with the rodent health surveillance program.  This person must be knowledgeable of veterinary medical terminology and have experience in animal treatment and medical support. This person may also be responsible for assisting investigators with technical procedures including bleeding, identification of animals, breeding of transgenic animals, weaning, sexing, and keeping appropriate records.  The Veterinary Technician position is categorized as ‘Essential’ requiring that every effort be made to arrive to work as scheduled regardless of outside circumstances and possible worksite closures (due to weather for example).

  • Must be able to effectively communicate information in written and spoken English.
  • Associate degree, AALAS ALAT certification or eligibility to sit for ALAT exam within 1 year.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience working with animals in biomedical research, companion animal veterinary clinic or equivalent profession.
  • Must be able to work on weekends and holidays as part of a rotating schedule.


  • Work in conjunction with the Attending Veterinarian and research staff to ensure the best care possible for the animals and research support to the customers.
  • Provide care to research animals, performing health observations, reporting problems/abnormalities and providing veterinary care/medical treatment as directed by Attending Veterinarian.
  • Interface with NIH researchers/staff.
  • Daily computer-based responsibilities to include, but not limited to, e-mail, document uploads, updating logs and database input. 
  • Ensure that proper veterinary care and treatment for NIH/NINDS animals is maintained at all times.
  • Drug dosage calculation and administration including recording of drug use in Controlled Drug logs or animal clinical records.
  • Assist researchers or their staff by answering questions, providing assistance and training for procedures such as restraint, medical treatment, weaning and facility documentation.
  • Perform/assist with timed mating, weaning and rodent breeding colony management.
  • Perform cleaning and sanitation of animal facility and equipment per SOP and policy requirements.
  • Perform inventory and stocking of supplies ensuring that no expired items are present and ample supply of all items are always available. 
  • Ensure all safety requirements are met.
  • Assist the Sr. Veterinary Technician in anticipating/planning for changing workloads/schedules.
  • Identify and report potential problem areas related to animal use, care, or health, or problems with facilities or equipment which might be hazard to animals or personnel.
  • Participate in/oversee the sentinel animal program.
  • Assure that records, log book, and other clinical and project records are appropriately and contemporaneously maintained.
  • Compliance with the QA/QC program.
  • Maintain a current knowledge of existing and proposed laws, regulations, and guidelines affecting the care and use of animals at the NIH.
  • Maintain a broad general knowledge and competence in lab animal science husbandry, technical procedures, and facility management.
  • Assist/perform blood collection or other technical/veterinary procedures.
  • Perform routine animal husbandry, cagewash and facility support functions as needed to ensure the needs of the facility are met.


  1. Certification as a RVT, LVT or LAT is preferred but not required
  2. Literate in written and spoken English
  3. Minimum of 3 years’ experience working with animals in biomedical research, companion animal veterinary clinic or equivalent profession.
  4. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word documents and Excel spreadsheets) and e-mail (Outlook or equivalent)


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Bethesda, MD

Priority One Services
Priority One Services