Priority One Services

Priority One Services


Job Description

TITLE:               Animal Care Technician I
LOCATION:                          NIH/NINDS Bldg. 35
SUPERVISOR:                    Animal Caretaker Supervisor
Under the direction of the Animal Care Supervisor the Animal Caretakers shall have demonstrated knowledge and skill in handling animals, especially rodents and rabbits.  They shall be able to recognize the appearance of abnormal animals and be able to maintain a clean environment for all animals. In addition this person will also be responsible for assisting investigators on their floor with weaning, sexing, keeping appropriate records, and providing supplies when requested. The Animal Care Technician shall maintain accurate room logs and maintain the cleanliness of the facility.

  1. Must have a High School Diploma or GED.


  1. Must have AALAS Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician certification or 1 year experience in a laboratory animal facility, animal hospital, zoo, or related animal field.  All Animal Care Technician’s shall train and become ALAT certified within 1 year of employment.  Other personnel having contact with animals shall train and become certified at the ALAT level within 12 months after working.


  1. Candidates must possess an excellent command of the English language both written and verbal in order to effectively communicate with scientific investigators on a daily basis.

Essential Duties:

  • Provide animal care and husbandry services, including but not limited to:  feeding/watering animals; handling and restraint of animals, cage and bedding changeouts; cleaning/sanitizing animal rooms, hallways, ancillary equipment; monitoring environmental parameters as required; assessing the presence of vermin and effectiveness of control efforts; performing animal health checks; assisting in the local delivery/transport of animals; assisting in the inspection ad storage of feed and bedding materials; performing minor equipment and facility maintenance.
  • Assure that procedures and practices involving the program of animal care are appropriate for the continued maintenance of AAALAC accreditation of the NIH facilities.
  • Adhere to security procedures and confidentiality requirements.
  • Assist, when requested, in experimental planning and logistics/scheduling of projects.
  • Ensure adherence of contract personnel to established SOPs.
  • Participate in the ongoing employee training program, with special emphasis on safety and health training, safe work practices, and use of personal protective equipment.
  • Perform job tasks/duties in compliance with NIH “Guide”, facility policies, regulations, safety, and security procedures.
  • Perform work in compliance with applicable safety requirements.
  • Adhere to equipment sanitation and sterilization schedules.
  • Assure that records, log books, and other project records are appropriately and contemporaneously maintained.
  • Comply with the QA/QC program.
  • Recommend changes in operational procedures that might increase the efficiency or effectiveness of work procedures or practices.
  • Observe and report any abnormalities in animals, equipment, or facilities to the floor supervisor or the Facility Director.
  • Perform husbandry, restraint, and environmental monitoring tasks in accordance with established NIH SOPs.

Non-Essential Duties:

  1. Perform routine cagewash functions as needed during emergencies
  2. Other related duties as assigned

Animal care and technical duties will be performed mainly indoors in an animal care vivarium, barrier facility, surgical or test procedure laboratory facility, or animal housing/bedding cleaning and processing areas. Work may require use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in these facilities.  Laboratory environment and/or animal care work areas may be prone to hot and humid conditions, and subject to objectionable odors, aerosols, dust, animal dander, and noise. 

Job ID: 
Bethesda, MD

Priority One Services
Priority One Services