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Priority One Services


Job Description

JOB TITLE: Sr. Large Animal Team Leader (Animal Facility Specialist III)        Bethesda, MD
Summary :
Under the direction of Project Management, the Sr. Team leader will perform as a working floor leader, and provide technical and husbandry services.  Primary responsibilities include supervision of floor team leaders, animal care technicians, scheduling of procedure rooms usage, husbandry room activities, and storage rooms.   Sr. Team Leaders will demonstrate the ability to interact with investigators and Government management and have experience with the type of research animals assigned to the area.

  • Adhere to established Bldg. 49SOPs. Supervise and train the staff assigned to their floor
  • Assist the Project Management in coordinating husbandry and cage changing requirements between floors within their area
  • Plan and control of staff resources on the floor or area to assure coverage of all tasks, perform quality assurance inspections, monitor compliance on daily husbandry requirements, technical services and/or clinical support on their designated floors or areas.
  • Maintain approved cage changing schedule, monitor cage space availability, animal census and coordinate the transportation of clean/dirty caging and supplies to and from the floor.
  • Schedule, perform, and document activities necessary to accomplish task/work assignments.
  • Establish liaison/communications with research personnel to facilitate responsiveness.
  • Ensure special diets, or withholding food as requested/directed is carried out. Adhere to security procedures and confidentiality requirements. Assist in the receipt of animal, supplies, feed, and bedding. Assist in handling and restraint of animals for examination or dosing, and determination of animal body weight.
  • Clean/sanitize room and equipment. Monitor the performance of all subordinate personnel, praising quality performance, or providing counseling or additional training/supervision for individuals with deficient performance, to maintain an elevated level of quality service.
  • Assure that accurate inventories are reported and adequate inventories are maintained of routinely used items.
  • Identify and report potential problem areas with personnel, equipment, or facilities.
  • Support/comply with the QA/QC and Training programs
  • Maintain a current knowledge of existing and proposed laws, regulations, and guidelines affecting the care and use of animals.
  • Communicate in English (both oral and written form) and demonstrate use of good leadership, team building and management skills
  • Assist Project Management in meeting contractual obligations, and confer with Task Project Officer as needed.
  • Write and submit Note of Records as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  1. Must be certified at the AALAS LATG Technician level or higher and have 3 years’ experience in a laboratory animal facility with at least two years in a supervisory capacity.
  2. Must have extensive experience with non-human primates (Old and New World), rabbits and Marmosets.
  3. Formal education shall include a minimum and have an AA or BS degree in veterinary medicine/animal science.
  4. A working knowledge of computer software (e.g., WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, Electronic Mail)


Job ID: 
Bethesda, MD

Priority One Services
Priority One Services