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Position: Animal Caretaker II
Description: Under the direction of the Project Manager, the Animal Caretaker II will be responsible for all activities required for the proper care and maintenance of FDA/CBER animals and facilities. This person shall be responsible for all animal husbandry services performed under this contract. Must have experience with mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and NHPs.
Requirements: Candidate must have a high school diploma and shall be knowledgeable of and able to perform all animal caretaker II duties. It is required that the candidate be certified by the Association of Laboratory Animal Science at the ALAT level. Candidate must be able to lift 50 lbs. All employees are considered essential and must report to work even in inclement weather. Weekend and holiday duty is required and will be scheduled accordingly.

  • Providing animal care and husbandry services, including but not limited to: feeding/watering, handling and restraint of animals, cage & bedding change outs, cleaning/sanitizing animal rooms, hallways, ancillary equipment, monitoring environmental parameters as required, assessing the presence of vermin and effectiveness of control efforts, performing animal health checks, assisting in the local delivery/transport of animals, assisting in the inspection and storage of feed and bedding materials, performing minor equipment and facility maintenance (i.e., cleaning air ducts, filters, grills).
  • Cleaning, sanitizing or sterilizing caging or equipment utilizing automated cage wash machines, autoclaves, bottle fillers, and bedding dump stations.
  • Disposal of wastes in compliance with NIH, FDA/CBER and federal and state regulations.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing cage wash and ancillary areas.
  • Minor/preventative maintenance of caging equipment.
  • Movement/delivery of feed/bedding sacks, cages, racks, pans, carts, dollies, and other equipment.
  • Performing job tasks/duties in compliance with FDA/CBER policies, regulations, safety and security procedures.
  • Performing work in compliance with all FDA/CBER SOPs.
  • Adherence to equipment sanitation and sterilization schedules.
  • Assuring that records, logbooks, and other project records are appropriately maintained.
  • Compliance with the QA/QC program.
  • Working in concert/cooperation with NIH, FDA/CBER compliance assurance entities (Division of Safety and FDA/CBER IACUC committees).
  • Recommend changes in operational procedures that might increase the efficiency or effectiveness of the work procedures or practices.
  • Observe and report any abnormalities in animals, equipment, or facilities to their Supervisor or Project Manager.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
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Silver Spring, MD

Priority One Services
Priority One Services