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Priority One Services


Job Description

Under the direction of the Training Coordinator, the responsibilities of the Building 49 Facility Trainer is to develop and implement a training plan for each position in the Central Animal Facility (CAF) in accordance with the approved Building 49 Standard Operating Procedures. Facility Trainer will ensure contract employees are trained in the activities required for the proper care and maintenance of CAF animals and equipment as laid out in each job description, assigned ASP, SOP’s and the CAF Priority One Services Employee Training Plan.
B.S. degree in biology, animal science, or similar discipline preferred, and or AALAS certification (LATG), ILAM, CMAR. 2-4 years supervisory and management experience. The Facility Trainer(s) must possess a working knowledge of laboratory animal husbandry, veterinary technology, and facility management. Proven ability and demonstrated work experience (three to five years) in developing lesson plans, preparing technical presentations, workshops or seminars and prior teaching experience. Must be literate in English, both oral and written and proficient in computer applications, to include, but not limited to Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, and Outlook. Knowledge of photo/imaging software is also advantageous

  • Providing training resources and materials to support and supplement continuing education and technical seminars for each employee;
  • Implement a training plan for each position in the CAF in accordance with the approved SOPs;
  • Providing one hour technical training every week training on SOPs, animal husbandry, safety procedures and facility-specific requirements;
  • Ensuring that newly hired, promoted, or reassigned employees receive a minimum of two to four weeks of supervised orientation and training;
  • Developing computerized technical training modules, slide presentations, and videos;
  • Providing AALAS certification classes;
  • Maintaining a data base of training received by each employee;
  • Maintaining AALAS Certification documentation for each employee;
  • Reviewing performance annually by directly observing each employee to ensure that they maintain their technical competence;
  • Ensuring all training deliverables are prepared/submitted as per with Task Order requirements;
  • Assuming the responsibilities of the Training Coordinator when the Training Coordinator is absent; Performing duties or tasks delegated from contract or Government management; Assisting the Training Coordinator with the OA/QC program, as requested; and Assisting the Training Coordinator to ensure that all safety requirements are met.
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Bethesda, MD

Priority One Services
Priority One Services